While you might think winter is the time that all of the ticks go into hiding until the warmer months roll back around, this often isn’t the case. Don’t let the colder temperatures fool you, not all of the pests are gone for the year. You see, while mosquitoes and many kinds of ticks will go into hiding when the weather gets colder, some species of ticks (such as the deer tick) can stay active up until the weather turns freezing.

Why should you care about this? Well, you see, the deer tick is still one of the most common kinds of ticks in the country, meaning that it could be hanging out in your yard, even in the winter. One reason you should concern yourself with the habits of the common deer tick is the fact that they are one of the most common carriers of Lyme disease and other diseases, and you don’t want to have to worry about yourself or someone in your family contracting a tick-borne disease.

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If you experience a warmer day in the winter, such as one of the common days in some states where the winter temperatures could reach into the 50s or 60s, you should still think about taking precautions if you go outside. This is because when the temperatures rise like this in the winter, the ticks could come out and become a little more active thanks to the spike in temperatures.

If you find yourself going outside in this weather, make sure you take the same kind of precautions for ticks as you would take in the middle of the summer. If you’ve found a tick around your lawn, even in the cold weather, don’t hesitate to get rid of them. You can get them out of your yard by getting in touch with local mosquito control services in Red Bank, who can have your lawn treated for the pests quickly, allowing you to go back to enjoying your lawn without worrying about the bugs.