The perfect smile is something that we all are trying to achieve.  When we smile, we feel better, act better and have a more positive outlook on life.  When we don’t have a nice smile we feel down, unattractive and want to hide away from the world.  In order to make ourselves feel better we might want to do some type of treatment such as teeth veneers lynnwood to our teeth.  These are great options that will make us have a better smile.  However, you don’t have to stop there.

Watch what you eat and drink

What we eat and drink will have a direct impact on our teeth.  When we drink coffee and tea the compounds found within them sill seep into our teeth causing them to stain.  In order to prevent this, you will want to brush your teeth immediately after you consume these products.

Don’t smoke

Another bad habit that will cause your teeth to yellow and stain is smoking.  When we smoke, we are taking in harmful chemicals that will have some type of reaction to our teeth.  When we smoke tar and other harmful chemicals will remain on our teeth even after brushing and flossing.

Use teeth whiteners

You will want to consider teeth whiteners.  These come in a wide range of different forms and when applied to your teeth will help to remove these stains.  In some cases, they will come in the form of a paste and in others a strip of plastic that you place on your teeth like tape.

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When using these products make sure that you follow the directions correctly.  If you fail to do so, you can have adverse effects, or they just won’t work at all.

See the dentist

Finally, talk to your dentist.  Have him do an examination of your teeth and allow him to give you his best recommendation possible.